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Now this game is something very, very special indeed.  Jon Ritman and Bernie Drummond have had a good look at what Ultimate where doing with Knight Lore and have improved upon it in every way possible.

Graphically this is no mere Spectrum port.  They’ve made expert use of Mode 1 for higher resolution and detail, but also worked with the CPC colour palette to get the best 4 on screen.

Sprite animations are spot on and the isometric 3D view point works brilliant.  Where the game perfectly departs from Knight Lore though is the removal of randomness.

At essence the game is a series of room based puzzles a la Manic Miner.  The sequence, locations, solutions remain the same on each play through so you can learn you way around the game and always feel like you’re making progress.

Your task is to explore the bat caves and reassemble the pieces of the batmobile.  Before you can do that though you need to find your batboots, batpack, Batthruster and Batbelt to give you some extra abilities like jumping and carrying item.


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