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Going back even before the first Spectrum games like The Hobbit always had a major flaw for me, well a couple of major flaws really.

The first is being text based it can be hard to navigate around the worlds presented without sitting down and drawing large maps of the areas you’ve discovered.

But the biggest flaw was always knowing exactly what commands were available, what the game would understand, in order to enact your wishes and discover the game.

Well Spellbound, a mere £1.99 budget cassette release I hasten to add, set out to and superbly solves these issues.

You explore a world made up of rooms in a platform game style.  In many ways it takes some cues from the likes of Skool Daze, Jet Set Willy, and (very much) Everyone’s A Wally.

In fact the game plays most like Wally.  It’s a very similar moving back and forth around the connected rooms and moving objects dotted around to solve a series a puzzles that complete your ultimate goal.

However it’s the use of the menuing system that set the game apart and bridges the gap between the new platforming games and the old text based adventures.

There’s no need to remember complex commands to enter, instead all the options available to you are presented in quick entry menu form with submenus to easily chain together more complex instructions.

Even if this was released as a full priced title it would be more than worth it’s asking price.


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