The Covenant

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A fairly different and unique (kind of) puzzle platformer.  A conversion of an old Spectrum game.  Bit of a strange one but for the price of a covermounted cassette you can’t really go wrong.

You are basically trapped in a small collection of connected rooms and must pick up the objects allowing you to open the doors to the next set of rooms, and so on.

As a paid for game I’d have two major criticisms that would some up the game as – ‘pretty decent for a Spectrum title’.  The first is our hero is a little tricky to control. He’s fine flying around his ship but on foot he has this weird way of jumping that takes some practice and getting used to.

The other minor complete is the amount of health.  Baddies have homing beacons on you and you can’t fire back (just to stun) until you’ve picked up the right items on your travels.  Even with the ability to stun I found health drained far too quickly.

However get used to the controls and managing health and all of a sudden it’s a pretty good and interesting platformer and a pleasant find on a magazine front cover.


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