Space Harrier

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An interesting take on the old Space Invaders/Galaga theme.  Much like Terror-daktil on the Spectrum the game is moved in to a pseudo-3D space, only this time it actually works very well.

You play a running commando like man who can fly.  Armed with a big gun you need to basically shoot the waves of enemies that come at you in standard Galaga shoot-em-up style.

Not only is the 3D aspect impressive, especially given the speed the game races along at, but the graphics and sprites are, as expected from Sega, top notch.  Space Harrier himself is a nice, big, colourful, well animated sprite.  Enemy sprites scale in and increase in size as they get closer.  A good number of enemies are on screen and there’s plenty of detailed obstacles like pillars and trees that come at you and keep you on your toes.


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