3D Grand Prix

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So this is Atari’s Pole Position on the Amstrad CPC.  There’s not doubt this is the same basic game – you have a drivers eye view of a Grand Prix car and must race around a 3D race track.

Where this game seems better than the arcade it’s based upon is the lack of checkpoints.  So you can at least complete a lap or two before the game ends.

However the CPC just doesn’t seem fast enough to pull off a game of this nature.  You don’t get a great sense of speed.  Okay it’s improved a little when you work out changing gears (important), but not enough to give a sense of racing.  It’s just driving.

The other issue comes with your opponents and the verge.  Hit either and the car just stops.  Dead.  Back to 1st gear and a slow start to get moving again.  I get being slowed down, but coming to a complete stand still!?!

To win at this game you need to make a perfect lap without coming off the track or hitting any other car.


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