Southern Belle

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This game shouldn’t be as fun as it is.  Certainly on paper there’s nothing that indicates it could be so much fun.  At heart it’s just a rehashing of your standard old fashioned aeroplane simulator.

Just like it’s sky based brethren the task is to learn the controls to move this behemoth along the tracks, and then perfect the timings to stop in time at the stations.

It’s based on the relatively short London to Brighton run and promises to follow the twists and turns of that track with all stations and landmarks in place.

The wireframe graphics might seem a bit simplistic but they do work and allow for a sense of being on that line while allowing the train to pick up a head of steam and put on a little speed in the run.

It’s a difficult game, steam trains are not easy to drive (who would have thought), but is what makes it so enjoyable to play.  Successfully stopping for the first time at a station is a big moment.  Now, just need to work out how to keep to the schedule!


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